By Nina / dimanche 30 avril 2017 07:00
Ground beef, tomato, lettuce, onion, pickles, ketchup and melty cheese on a toasted bun. Is there anything more heavenly?

Bonjour lovely people of FML.

I've been living outside the United States for two and a half years, and every now and then people ask me "What do you miss the most?" Apparently, this is a trick question and I get it wrong every time because the answer people expect me to say is "family and friends." If I said that, I'd be lying. The real answer is twofold: Mexican food and In-N-Out Burger (that's right, I'm repping California). In fact, I currently have a care package being sent to me containing the $50 worth of In-N-Out merchandise I ill-advisedly ordered online during one of my stronger periods of craving and three large bottles of Tapatio hot sauce.

Does it make me a bad person that I miss burgers and burritos more than people? I don't think so. I can talk to my friends and family any time I like, but I can only dream of real American burgers, although, duh, they have burgers here too. Good ones, in fact. But never quite the same.

As you can tell, today I have burgers on the brain, and that is why today's FML selection is an ode to the burger. 


Intro to the Burger





By weirded out - / Monday 11 August 2014 02:22 / United States - Brentwood






 Good For More Than Just Eating?


By ledon - / Wednesday 16 November 2011 04:15 / Canada

Das it. I can't keep going because I am too hungry now. Guess what I'm having for dinner tonight.

Yeah, baby.


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By  wanted_2_want  |  39

Mmhhh. You know that the main burger ingredientes can be purchased pretty much in every corner of the world, right?

It takes some practice but the reward is that you can develop a much better recipe for your fave meal.

Just sayin'

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