Bride Causes Huge Car Crash Due To Drunk Driving On The Way To Her Wedding

This bride gave "Wedding Crashers" a whole new meaning. FML for the hubby-to-be.

Amber Young, a bride on the way to her wedding was arressted for driving under the influence. Young's recklessness caused a 3-vehicle crash, with one person even ending up in the hospital with injuries. She's lucky it wasn't any worse than that -- though that's pretty bad. Honestly, woman, If you need to be drunk to be with him, fine, but maybe don't put other people's lives at risk. Just spitballin'.

She was released to her fiance after signing a criminal citation, and arguable the most shocking part of the story is that he actually came for her. That's a pretty big sign from the universe telling you to get out of there, dude. I mean, did you have a really kick-ass honeymoon planned that you just did not want to give up?

"Don't drive impaired. Till death do we part doesn't need any help," Sgt. Chriswell Scott of the Marana Police Department  tweeted.

"This could've turned out way worse than it did," Scott said. "It's supposed to be the happiest day of her life, and this just goes out as a reminder as to why you should never drive while impaired."

So, do you think they went on with the wedding after that minor detour? We aren't sure but the moral of the story is clear as ever: don't drink and drive, kids. Seriously, there is nothing cool about putting people's lives at risk.

Source: Everipedia

By Nadine / Tuesday 13 March 2018 16:34 / France
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By  WeirdUS  |  29

Thankfully, it wasn't after otherwise, he'd be planning for a divorce. There had to have been warning signs up to this her drinking was bad but probably figured she wouldn't be dumb enough to drive there or back drunk. I wonder if they still ended up getting married once she was released.


I wonder what she will tell people when she gets out? "You know, I love money, so I had to marry him. His face though? Had to get drunk to look at him during vow exchange."

By  bigdaddyeric  |  30

It does look bad, and poor judgement on her part driving after drinking, but it’s her wedding day!!!!! Time for shots and Champagne and then Oh Shit, where’s the limo? So stupidly you try to drive yourself clouded by love and alcohol and tragedy strikes. But her man sticks by her, as he should and they will get through this together. So stop the hate, times are different now and I’m 58 and still believe in the power of love.

  Arcfelt  |  14

Seriously? She's not the only person that could've been hurt or even killed!
I'm speaking from experience, my dad died 3 weeks ago today in a wrong way crash caused by a drunk person. So no, it's not fine for her to be driving drunk nor should the husband have to deal with that just for the "power of love"