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  Cam3245  |  9

😂 right like how you gonna try to “expose” them for being small when you stayed with them for an extended period of time. you obviously must’ve liked it so don’t try to be lame and petty afterward

By  Briarpatch  |  20

Important information missing: Is he your ex BECAUSE he cheated? Or was he already your ex before he "cheated"? Or is it even more complicated, such as maybe that he's your ex for other reasons, and you only just now found out that he was cheating on you sometime in the past while you were still together?

By  Cam3245  |  9

okay so hopefully you meant he became your ex because of him cheating. if that’s the case then you’re petty for “exposing” a guy you willingly continued to date even after you realized his penis was small. and then it still looks bad on you because you got cheated on by a dude with a lil vienna sausage

By  Mungolikecandy  |  19

So you have an ex-boyfriend who has moved on and you maliciously claim he has a small penis as a result? This site really is going downhill.