By Kers3054 - 6/1/2020 20:00 - United States - Altoona

Because of the ...

Today, my mother's dog peed on my bed and I didn't know it. My girlfriend had been sitting in it for about an hour until I started to smell it. Everything needs to be washed and my feather bed is ruined. And now, my girlfriend does not want to be with me anymore. FML
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By  mfranks19891989  |  10

Everyone is saying how did you not feel the wet spot. I’m going to assume that the dog peed on your bed and it dried and your mom told you after she saw you on your bed later in the day.

As for your girlfriend wanting to leave you cause of it. She could just be Yao this as an excuse or it just gross her out.

And you need to have a talk with your mom, things happen like this when you have a pet. But she should have called or texted you after it happened. And clean it up. (I’m going to assume she didn’t try to based on her not telling you it happened)

By  alycion  |  38

White vinegar gets cat urine out of things. It may be salvageable. Just takes work. Spray, soak, blot up with water. Repeat. If it didn’t go too far in, should only take a cycle or two. Use something heavy on the blot up part to get deep down and suck the urine and vinegar out.

Your gf on the other hand needs to grow up. Shit like this happens in life. Hope she’s not wanting kids, cause piss will be the least of her worries. To get that upset about something like that just screams long term high maintenance