Be Thankful For Your Job, Because You Could Be Making $10 A Day As A Sewer Diver In Bangladesh

Yeah, you may hate your job at McDonalds, but minimum wage is looking pretty good in comparison to this major FML job.

Diving in for as little as $10 a day, these Bangladeshi men often don't make it out alive.

According to The Daily Mail, these man are clearing sewer blockages with their bare hands without any protective gear at all -- not even goggles. As one could imagine, this leads to some pretty serious health problems. That is, if they don't die from drowning in the sewer.

What a way to go. 

Bangladesh's capital, Dhaka, has 14 million residents and inadequate sewer system. This, in addition to a heavy yearly rainfall, makes the sewer-diver profession a necessesity in the city. 

The divers have to simply hold their breath while they dive through human waste in order to fix the blockages. 

We've written about plenty of FMLs, but this is the FML-iest. 

By Nadine / Tuesday 29 May 2018 16:25 /
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Top comments
  katikat77  |  11

Do you have a suggestion on how to fix a sewer system in a 14mln city? May be they could buy the diving suits like the special police diving teams use? It should be expensive, much more expensive than 10$ they make.

  katikat77  |  11

Saying “this is sick” you depreciate their job and sacrifice. This is not their first option for sure and they should be desperate to agree to earn 10$ only.

By  Lisa Alexandria  |  10

This is in humane. I feel so bad for them and to think people think we don’t need Unions. The Unions paved the way for you to have all the amenities you do have however small they may be now. At least we don’t have this BS!

By  Lobby_Bee  |  17

They work for the public and this is how they are treated? It's horrific to see the government doesn't give a crap about their citizen. At least provide them with a full face dive mask and a protective suit. One cut under the sewer waste and it will cost him his life.