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By "pixie_pix13" - 07/12/2019 03:00

Today, I came back to work after being out for a week. As I walked to the back of the store I threw my hands up and yelled "I'm back bitches". Right after I said it, I noticed my boss was behind me. I was then taken to the office and wrote up for foul language on my first day back. FML
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You’re stupid.

In office, you should be professional. How difficult is it to grasp?


You’re stupid.

In office, you should be professional. How difficult is it to grasp?

actually not an office its a restaurant that I work at

Always check your six....

And your two by two’s

Wasn’t this posted not too long ago?

If it wasn't it wasn't by me and this actually happened when I got back from a week stay in jail

mccuish 25

Your boss has no sense of humour. I did this same thing after being gone for a week. My boss was like “damn you’re back from vacation”

Know your audience...ESPECIALLY where they are.

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Even though you got in trouble I have to say I love your style. I would do something like that too. Just suck up the consequences and enjoy the moment.

I did cause I got out of jail at 7am that morning and went and worked from 4pm till 8am the next day so I enjoyed it a lot... never realized how many people missed me and appreciated me and all the things I do there till I left for a week

If you had said "Daddy's back, you bitches!", your boss would have recognized the GTA reference, and given you a raise. There's a secret to everything in life, if you look hard enough.

Maybe don’t do that when there could be potential customers around?

If you work somewhere where you can't even joke around, consider a change of scenery, my dude.

If you were in the back with no customers, then your boss was just on a power trip