Attention-Seeking Dog Interrupts Pro Soccer Game (VIDEO)

The mischievous pooch showed no remorse for his actions.


Most of us have gone down the internet rabbit hole of pictures and videos of cute dogs and puppies. They're the perfect wholesome distraction. Soccer fans got to appreciate this IRL during a match between Unión De Santa Fe and Gimnasia in Argentina this past Sunday when the Unión De Santa Fe team pet, Roberto, sauntered onto the field.


Roberto began his little half-time show with a simple trot out onto the grass, but was soon rolling around and accepting love from the players. Members of both teams were petting and scratching him, much to his delight. Nothing like a friendly pooch to bring competitors together, eh?


Eventually, a player scooped Roberto up in his arms and hauled him off the field, but there were no hard feelings as far as we could tell. The dog definitely got what he wanted and his team, who already had the lead, went on to win the game in the end. The manager of the opposing team joked that they must have trained him for the stunt, but it looks like it wouldn't have mattered either way.



If you're at all worried about Roberto's care, rest assured he's not in trouble for this and is living the good life. A team spokesperson said " "He is a good dog and people love him. He's our team's dog. The members of the club attend to him as if it were their own."


All that being said, we wouldn't be surprised to see the little master of distraction on a leash at the next game.


By Gloria Borger / Tuesday 2 October 2018 22:06 /
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