Today, at work, I received flowers from a Tinder fling gone wrong. He constantly flipped out on me and then would apologize. I finally got tired of it and blocked him on all social media. The scary part is that I never told him where I work. FML

By Anonymous - / Saturday 1 September 2018 03:30 /
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By  Allie614032  |  34

Just keep ignoring him and hopefully he'll stop trying to contact you. I agree with the previous comment, he probably found where you work through your social media before you blocked him, or from LinkedIn, or even some of your friends who don't know the situation. If the behaviour persists, try for a restraining order.

By  maroongrad  |  13

He's stalking you because he thinks you are nice and you are safe. Prove him wrong. Go off on him, pull the crazy beotch card. Tell him the only thing smaller than his brain is his dick, that you have better taste and you've seen things stuck to your shoe that looked and smelled better than him, that you know why he's single and that he's such a loser, and don't remotely be nice. If you have his name, use google and facebook and see if you can find his family (mom or dad would work) and let them know what crap he's pulling.
Scream, rant, rave, cuss him out, insult him again and again and again.
You be a nice normal person, and his stalker ass will go from annoying to dangerous.
I also recommend getting a very large male friend (or friends) to loom over him and threaten him. Most men are pretty decent people and they don't approve of this shit either...you may be able to get even a casual acquaintance to step in and put this asshole in his place. YOU might be a "safe victim" but they tend to back off when someone bigger, nastier, and with more testosterone makes their presence felt.

By  simmpandher  |  24

Get a restraining order. That's toxic behavior.

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