Are You Going to Make it to the Bathroom on Your Next International Trip? I’m Guessing Not.

It’s a weird question, I know. Oddly specific. But for anyone who’s traveled to a country where they speak a foreign language, you’ll know that finding the bathroom is not always the simplest task. Take this quiz to find out if you’ll find your way to the bathroom or if you’ll be stuck peeing your pants.

The fact that as single species, we speak over 7,000 different languages is just one of the factors that make humans so fascinating. The diversity of human culture is so rich and expansive, we have so much to learn from one another.

Unfortunately, learning each other's’ languages is a long and arduous task that not everybody takes the time to do, especially those of us in anglophone countries. That sense of linguistic self-righteousness comes at a great disadvantage as soon as we step off a plane into a country where they speak a foreign language.

Hopefully, if you’re headed to a new place, you’ve brought along some kind of guide book with helpful phrases. Alongside “hello,” “goodbye,” and “my name is ______” there is one indispensable phrase you will always find:

Where is the bathroom?

For this exercise, though, you don’t get a guide book. You’re going to have to rely on your own wits. So what do you think? Will you be pee-pee dancing around the globe or will you be able comfortably let the flow go? It all depends on how many countries you can find the bathroom in! Take this quiz to find out.

My prediction? You’ll be peeing in a whole lot of bushes, my friend.

By Nina / Wednesday 27 September 2017 11:53 /
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By  KittyMack  |  13

The problem is, unless it's close enough they can point, you also need to know enough of their language to understand directions such as "go around the bar to the rear right corner of the building then go down the stairs and it's the third door on the bottom level".
Just bring a pack of adult diapers, it'll be easiest that way.