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By Anonymous - 1/11/2019 14:00

Annoyance overnight

Today, I am laid up with a stomach bug and trying to get some sleep after being up all night vomiting. Unfortunately, the neighbour's teenage daughter has decided to throw a loud party; One Direction blaring everywhere, teenage girls squealing at high volume and two drunken fuckwits having a loud fight outside my house because one is screwing the other's girlfriend. No sleep tonight, I see. FML.
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  Nathan Jackson  |  10

(OP here; I don't know why the site had me down as a woman)

Merseyside Police's advice in situations like this is basically "if there's no evidence of criminal behavior, just tell them not to be naughty." It sucks, I know. And, at this point, (I submitted this a few days ago) I could barely walk without going into coughing fits and debilitating stomach cramps; talking it out wasn't really the best option.

By  johnnyswallop  |  18

Seriously. You should've called the cops. It's because no one does anything about these situations that they persist. Get a burner phone if you're afraid of them finding out who you are. Sleep is worth it.

  Nathan Jackson  |  10

Merseyside Police's advice in situations like this is basically "if there's no evidence if criminal behavior, wag your finger at them and tell them how naughty they're being." It's whack, I know.

Also, one of my neighbours (who's a pretty big guy), came round and yelled an expletive-laden order at them to quieten down; they were keeping his young kids awake.

By  BurnInDemonFire  |  30

No sleep 'til Brooklyn!

Also, One Direction in 2019? Either these teenage girls are in the latter teen years, or they're incredibly late in jumping on the 1D fandom bandwagon. When you feel up to it, blast some Maiden back at them.

I’m with BurnInDemonFire... no one is listening to OneDirection. They broke up at any rate.

But at least it’s not your neighbors having sex on the squeakiest part of their floor waking you from a dead slee. Then blaring the 1960s Batman theme song when they finished. That happened to me, twice.