The great FML egg hunt is finally over. Here are all the prizewinners! (With a bit of luck, your username is listed too!)
By Cali / Wednesday 3 May 2017 10:53 /

First and foremost,


We consider ourselves lucky to have such an awesome community... friendly, funny, engaging, and willing to run around chasing chickens and eggs! There were a lot of dedicated participants and the FML team is really pleased to have entertained you and to offer you these presents. There was a mixup with ranking changes after the end of the event... Scores have been corrected below! Without further ado, here's the list (alphabetically) of who won what!

The FML Mugs

Akitakat / Ashton Daniel / izzibelle / jbursach / KitKat135 / MasterJM / MikaMenko / ndruiz / Neptune85 / Papa_jpn / Ploom3000 / Rbhfrench

Bravo, guys! You've each won a classy FML mug! Use it for coffee, tea, soup, mug brownies... even as a pen cup! We hope it makes you think of us and smile!

The $50 Amazon Gift Cards

Aleyarie / drake093 / elementalblood / GrantRogers21 / guiltnazan / imnotcleverenoughforthis / Jaztheman / jobbaholiday / Jonathan Pirie / Nmmontague / NoThanksPls / RockyLovesARacer / Roseisbored / sheeron / Snailfarts / Stephanie Lopez / talicaroxi / Usernameforwhat

Hip hip, hooray! You've each won a $50 Amazon gift card! We took the liberty of researching what you can get for this kind of cheddar: eleven space cat mousepads, six poop emoji hats, five Nicolas Cage pillow cases, or two 3D unicorn mugs. Baller af.

The Top 10 Scores

  1. Xanster82 - 122676 - $500 Amazon Gift Card

  2. guiltnazan - 118792 - $200 Amazon Gift Card

  3. Kate425 - 117349 - $150 Amazon Gift Card

  4. Nikki_1395155510 - 110044 - $100 Amazon Gift Card

  5. S197.GT - 100422 - $90 Amazon Gift Card

  6. roguestick - 91161 - $80 Amazon Gift Card

  7. Druu - 60906 - $70 Amazon Gift Card

  8. asm0dea - 58005 - $60 Amazon Gift Card

  9. nopeokay - 53789 - $50 Amazon Gift Card

  10. Nmmontague - 44380 - $40 Amazon Gift Card

Congratulations! Your persistence with the clucking machine paid off! You should be proud of yourselves for your accomplishment. Resume-worthy? Fuck yes. If you have any doubts about how to spend your winnings, think of me! I've always wanted one of those giant Costco bears. I could also use a new mousepad. Just ideas. >⩊<

The iPhone 7

(drumroll please)

WOAH! Luck was on your side, devilninja! Your name was drawn randomly from hundreds! We hope you appreciate how lucky you were. You can thank us by using the fabulous built-in camera to submit lots of funny FML photos! However, if you find that you don't really need a new phone, I'll arrange things for you and find a new owner. Who might also happen to be named Cali. Crazy coincidence, right?


All those whose usernames have been mentioned in this article will be individually contacted by the team in order to organize the shipping of prizes. However, as you are many, it may take a little time. Don't panic, we'll contact all of you by email soon enough. We promise!

But wait! There's more!

You thought the chicken would disappear forever? We did too. But no! He's cute and he's sticking around for good. The "Chicken Thief" badge will still be available and a new chicken detector will be set up soon, but there will only be one chicken on the site. Only one. Crazy, right? 

BIG QUESTION: What should we name him? The French site has named him "Boris" ...do you guys like that or can we do better? Comment your thoughts below.

Lastly, but not leastly...

This was the first in a (hopefully) long line of fun games and competitions! We'll keep you posted when we're ready to unveil our next great (and better organized) idea. It won't be long!

GG, guys! You're the best.


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Top comments
By  Druu  |  53

A few thoughts from the perpetual thorn in your side. [Don't lie, you knew it was coming.] (1) I see twelve mug winners. Article 4 states that lining up four classic eggs awards "Participation in a daily random drawing awarding 20 players one FML Mug each." Twenty mugs per day multiplied by 18 days is 360 mugs. It seems a few winners were omitted from the list? I sent asm0dea a screencap of when she won a mug, and I'll gladly send it to the powers that be. (Where you at, asm0dea? Stand up for your round of applause!); (2) The contest did not end on April 30, 2017. There was definite late activity after the designated deadline. There was shift near the top and at the bottom of the standings. I didn't cash in my 50 mobile app eggs until after the game was supposed to have ended. It didn't affect the standings, as I had roughly 61.5k points at game end, but I felt the need to use up those spins since others were still adding to their point totals. This one doesn't affect me since I would not have moved up or down. I do know that it bumped out the player who was ranked tenth at the actual game end. (What's her name? Oh, it actually was "whatshername?!") __________________________________________________ That said, I do want to thank FML for the game. It was a lot of fun and definitely encouraged more member interaction than standard use of the site did. Strategy, complaints, compliments -- it was all there. And I might have made a new rowing buddy! (If anyone is visiting NYC and feels like seeing the city from a different perspective, shoot me a message, and I'll pass on my boathouse's info. No worries, rowing is free for all!) Thanks to the FML staff for promptly answering all my questions instead of ignoring me. And a congratulations to the winners! Especially the few of you that "work from home" and "click all day"! Use the Amazon card to buy a wrist brace for the carpal tunnel and a sweet pair of shades for when you guys wander outside of the house again!

  asm0dea  |  28

You utterly awesome man!!! Sir, you are my absolute hero and I salute you! It would've taken me hours of thought and way too much cups of tea to write anything remotely simular. I share your sentiment completely! Also, TeacherTeacher won a $50 amazon giftcard on the day I won a mug. Last but not least....Congrats to all and a glass of wine (heck....a bottle!) for Cali, who's inbox hopefully has reached a 'normal' state again :)

  whatshername?!  |  27

I actually had the tenth rank, but I was expecting someone to throw me out, so it's okay.
However, I was also wondering why there are only 12 mug winner, when it was clearly stated, that each day there can be 20 of those cups won...
Anyways, the game was fun and I will absolutely search for the new chicken, which I would name Berta. Or Elfriede. A male chicken does not lay eggs, as far as i know ;-)

  Ashamed_Sister  |  54

In the first version of this page I was ranked as number 10 even though I knew that at the supposed end of this game I was behind Nmmontague. Believe it or not, I'm glad this has been reversed. I rather give up on a 40$ gift card than winning in an unfair way. To whatshername?! I would like to explain my strategy which most likely also was Nmmontague’s strategy. I’ve collected as many eggs as possible but always tried to stay behind you by a few hundred points. Otherwise you might have put more efforts into finding eggs. Shortly before midnight I still had some 80 eggs left but I assume Nmmontague had more luck or more eggs. At the end I was about 50 points behind him.

  Druu  |  53

Kudos to you for owning up to it! Sit and wait was my strategy early on in the game, but then the egg cap was implemented and a few people zoomed up in the rankings, so I felt the need to click. As for naming the chicken: Chuck the Chicken -- alliteration ftw!

  Nmmontague  |  12

That was indeed my strategy as well! I stayed within 100 or so points behind except for when I slipped up and made it to the board, which I tried not to do to avoid chicken thieves. Thank you both for being so gracious and such good competitors! You made the game exciting to the last minute. This was so much fun, and I can't wait for our next challenge!

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