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By Anonymous - 3/11/2019 16:00

An unpleasant surprise

Today, I answered the door to trick-or treaters, but instead of taking sweets, I got kicked in the balls by a witch. Then, they said trick or treat, and walked away, leaving me lying. FML
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  Sady_Ct  |  36

The only losers i see here are those who miss out on so much because they cannot communicate effectively with the written language they speak.

The internet is based on written language far more than other forms of media, such as sound or video. Even online games use written forms of communication within the gaming community.

If you want to not be the loser here, you seriously need to talk to someone about getting support with your spelling, grammar and punctuation.

I am not an English teacher, and although I can kind of understand you, it is not easy at all and takes more effort than it should.