American Airlines Says 'Only A Few Hundred Flights' Are Without Pilots This Holiday Season, So You Know, It’s Casual…

Traveling to see your family this holiday season? Think again. After a scheduling error gave all their pilots time off this Christmas, hundreds of flights remain pilot-less and this time, Otto, the inflatable auto-pilot isn’t going to cut it. If you booked your flights on American, this FML goes out to you.

Driverless cars are a scary enough concept, but pilotless planes? Count me out. Hurtling through the sky at 500 knots is nerve wracking as is, with a professional in the cockpit. Still, thousands of people may find themselves wishing for self-piloted planes this month while they wait for their flight to be assigned a pilot.

Wait, but why?

American Airlines is doing the holiday hustle after a glitch in their scheduling system accidentally gave ALL THEIR PILOTS time off. Every last one. Yikes. Talk about a fuck-up.

According to the APA (American Pilots Association), the bug left 15,000 flights in the latter half of December without a pilot. While pilots who usually spend their Christmas in the skies will now get to spend the holidays with their family, what happens to the thousands of passengers who already booked flights to see their family across the country?

A spokesperson for American Airlines said they have no plans to cancel flights and in fact of the 15,000 affected flights, only “a few hundred” remain to be assigned pilots.

While that ratio is impressive, a few hundred flights is still thousands of people whose family gatherings are only tentative plans. Even Mr. Dimples-How-Merry doesn’t have enough Christmas magic to shake a couple hundred pilots out of his hat.

So how did they manage to cover the thousands of pilot-less flights they’ve already covered?

It’s a pretty sweet deal for the pilots actually. Anyone agreeing to step up this month will receive 150% pay. Plus, there are always a higher number of pilots on reserve during the month of December since disaster is prone to happen during this time of the year. What else could you expect during a time when people are frantically running around searching for the perfect gift.

OK, but a few hundred flights is still a lot…

No shit, Sherlock. If you happen to be one of those some 100,000 people affected, this seriously blows. If you’re feeling bummed out about the possibility of missing your family celebrations this month, just think of that creepy uncle who’s a little too interesting in your sex life and your aunt that always kisses you on the lips or your racist cousin you can’t keep your temper around. Those people. you might not have to deal with those people this year. If that’s not a Christmas miracle, I don’t know what is.

By Nina / Friday 1 December 2017 15:52 / France
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