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  FarSide  |  22

Good advice. Let the taxpayers take care of the baby for the next 18 years instead of the sorry-ass irresponsible father. Better Advice? Run your MOFO-running ass down, and give you a vasectomy.

Teens (except for the oldest) who legally cannot have a credit card, an unrestricted drivers license, buy cigarettes, buy alcohol, attend an "R" rated movie alone, own property, buy a gun, enter a contract, or even drop out of school.

I and millions in the USA and the World-over are ALREADY paying a FORTUNE in taxes to support these "Mature", "Ovulating", "Protected", "Practice-Safe-Sex", "Independent Thinking", "Ready", "In Love", "Trust-My-Partner" single-parent teens.

And that's on TOP of government confiscating OUR money via TAXES so single-parent teens for the next 20 YEARS can have:

1) THEIR government-provided condoms, and
2) THEIR government-grants' paid Planned Parenthood abortions, while they live in
3) THEIR government-provided housing, eating
4) THEIR government-provided cheese, so they can take
5) THEIR government-provided bus ride, to drop off THEIR kid(s) at
6) THEIR government-provided day care, so they can attend
7) THEIR government-education program to get a minimum wage job and receive
8) THEIR government-provided Healthcare including full immunizations, SO THAT THEY...

CAN pretend to "ACT like an adult", play "stink-finger" with their girlfriends, or whore around with their "true love" boyfriends. But of course, all "WITHOUT any of the RESPONSIBILITIES of ADULTS". So that your "needs and urges" can get satisfied WITHOUT any consequences for you... because, after all, YOU are entitled to play like an adult. That is puke.

I do not know of anyone who regular posts or visits FMYLife who enjoys the breadth of humor and sarcastic responses more than myself. But damnit-to-hell, there has GOT to be an occasional moment-of-truth. Many of you are hilarious and get my thumbs-up or thumbs-down for humor. But way too many (in general) are as dumb and as ignorant of life as a stump. The GOOD NEWS: I will be dead and gone soon enough, and YOU will grow up and learn that life is not all humorous, that YOU will be paying for the above, and YOU will eventually get your bolts-torqued. Our name is Legion.

And with the end of this ad naseum diatribe, I am signing off FMYLife for a few months... I have overextended my stay.

By  yzf250rider88  |  2

ha you totally deserve this one. good luck dealing with her dad let's hope you dont make it out alive so theres one less idiot teenager around. I mean really come on 15yrs old really?

  chelsadee  |  0

kill the baby?? oh yeah case that's gonna
make his life a whole lot easier! Bull sh**! he'll have to live with the fact that he killed his child for the rest of his life!!