After a Man is Charged €900 for Farting, Berlin Court Rules It's OK to Fart In Public

Over a year ago, a Berlin man farted loudly next to a policewoman and was charged an astronomical fee. This week, the case was thrown out, upholding the people's right to fart wherever they choose.

Back in February 2016, a man was strolling along, enjoying his day on the streets of Berlin when he was stopped by the police for a routine ID check. He had his papers, but it turns out he was also packing major heat, as he fired a butt bazooka not once, but twice.

That’s right. He farted.

The leader of the police didn’t take too kindly to his toots, claiming that the farts were a direct offense to the honor of the policewoman standing next to him. And as a result, the man in question, one Christoph S., was fined €900 for disrespecting her.

Naturally, the man found the flatulence fee excessive and took the case to a higher appeals court, where it was finally re-opened this week.

Like the joke it seems, the judge threw out the case almost immediately, saying that the initial decision to fine the man such an outlandish fee was a failure of the state and once again, Christoph S. is free to fart wherever he may please.

A helpful tip to the issuing police officers:

Maybe you’d be less uptight if you let your farts out from time to time too. If you were worried about disrespecting your fellow cops, you’ve got nothing to fret. Didn’t you hear, it’s now officially legal to fart next to a cop!

By Nina / Monday 11 September 2017 12:23 /
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By  bogolopian  |  12

I was once abused by a policeman who pulled me over for a license check just after I farted. His supervisor came over and I had to explain it. I had warned him not to put his head in and sniff for alcohol and he didn't listen. The supervisor checked my story and as I had warned him, I was let off.. let off from letting off :)