By unsatisfied - / Thursday 14 March 2019 02:00 /
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  tounces7  |  26

If she hasn't had an orgasm 3 years into marriage I sorta wonder if he'd even be willing. I mean generally oral sex would achieve the same results, unless he wasn't willing to do that either.

By  Chen Zhibang  |  2

You married a man expecting him to outperform a ten inch dildo with 5 speed selection and 8 vibration modes?
Yes, he was exaggerating when he called his dick the magic wand, but let's have realistic expectations.

By  TCRII  |  26

If he can get it up again after round one, go for round two, three, four until he is able to get the job done. If he can’t get it up, then tell him he is going down (there). If he refuses to work with you, then buy batteries in bulk and introduce him to his right hand. Good luck.