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Hello everyone! Days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder. It’s once again time to check out a new illustrated FML, brought to you by our sister site VDM. Yes, we’re crossing over for this illustration, and it’s being posted on bo...
By FMyLife / Thursday 21 November 2013 15:46 /

Hello everyone! Days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder. It’s once again time to check out a new illustrated FML, brought to you by our sister site VDM. Yes, we’re crossing over for this illustration, and it’s being posted on both sites! The artist we are receiving today is quite excited to be featured on our website, so we’ll get stuck in straight away.

She claims that “similarly to Superman, Batman and Spider-Man, and all the other beings who like to parade around with their underpants over their leggings,” she wants his identity to remain a secret. She goes by the handle Adirou. “All the nicknames ending in “man” were taken, and I prefer wearing thongs than briefs.”
You can check out her blog, and also her tumblr, where she answers any questions with a drawing. She also has a Facebook page, for latest news.

Her age remains unknown, we don’t know where she lives (but we do know it rains a lot). But that’s irrelevant to her art. So, what does she do in life? “Hmm, I draw, explore, laugh (a lot), eat (a lot also), play (way too much), learn, work, sleep, brush my teeth and take dumps (oh yes, of course, women let loose butterflies and sparkles, sorry). And to pay for my cat’s food, I work as a model in art workshops and also with photographers.”

She reckons that her current job is enough for now, but she draws on the side to become eventually an illustrator, and live off her art. 

Winter is coming so she’s piling on the fat, and is considering cosplaying as Chewbacca to keep warm and save money on heating. “I’ve always dreamed of making braids out of my armpit hair”.

What is her story? “To put it simply, I was top of the class if you looked at the list from the bottom. I started drawing at around 15/16 when I realized it was funny to give the teacher a blank page with a drawing on it (teenage years…). Not knowing what to do with my life, I said to myself, “I want to be exploited, work long hours for not very much, under paper work and be happy by doing a job that I like.” That’s when I realized I wanted to draw for a living, with dreams, projects and even with the idea of trying out drawing school. Then Madam Reality (who has a sense of humor and irony) shows up and kicks me up the ass and throws me off a cliff. I’m currently climbing back up.”

Her current projects include learning to draw, mastering her style and then going off to destroy the ring or becoming a Pokemon master.

Here’s the next part, the Q&A round!

Cats or Dogs?
Cats will rule the world. Meow!

What are the latest things you enjoyed in movies, music, books and comics?
The last movie I saw was Kick Ass 2, as crazy, rude and full of blood as the first one (Hit Girl <3)
In music I really like Stromae, a Belgian singer. In books, I’ve just finished “The Evolution Man or how I ate my father” by Roy Lewis, which was very George Orwellian.
In comics I’d like to mention “La petite mort” by Davy M. with its deadly humor, “Zobilenium” by Arthur de Pins. Freak’s Squeele by Florent Maudoux is breath of fresh air.

Who are the main artists you like and whose blogs you check out regularly?
A LOT, there are way too many artists that I admire (check out my blog’s page Kamoulox).

Tell us what you enjoy in life, your passions, pastimes, vices and everyday pleasures.
So… At the moment I’m playing Mirror’s Edge, Odyssey 1 and I’ve almost finished Rayman 3.
I do Roller Derbies, because playing Dance Dance Revolution wasn’t enough anymore and I like falling over and getting bruises. I’m also rewatching the Sakuras, for fun. But dubbed in French, so my eyes and ears are bleeding.

Can you tell us a crap joke? If not, tell us your biggest FML.
After drawing this FML, I wanted to cook some instant pasta, but I got my feet in the kettle. I knocked the boiling water on my foot. I burned myself in the second degree which meant that I had to sleep with my foot in a some cold water for the pain. And it really makes you want to pee during the whole night, without mentioning the pain, canes, medication and pain. Did I mention the pain?

Do you have a phobia? If so, what is it?
Death. It’s ironic because you can’t cure something that is rational and inevitable. I don’t care, when it happens, I shall return to reassure all those who are afraid.

Any last words?
Maybe I didn’t manage to write an FML but thanks to my friends and family and their support I’ve managed to illustrate one, and their unconditional love helped me along the way (I know, it’s boring, it’s sappy, I agree with you dear reader, but without these people, you wouldn’t be reading me right now).

Well, that another interview done. It’s the weekend and it’s nearly winter, so we’ll be staying at home in front of an electric fire, dreaming of our holidays. Thinking about summer and walking around the house in our underwear. Dreaming of that time when we could go a whole day without needing chemicals to get by. Until next week, remember to be nice. That’s the key to life. Be nice to each other.


And to see Adirou's Illustrated FML, click here.


If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] fmylife.com including a link to your website/blog/DeviantArt. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do!

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