Aberdeen Will Now Have Two Beard Festivals After Creators Become Rivals and Set Off Organizing Competing Events

One town in Scotland is showing extra love for beards this year after the creators of the Granite City Beard and Moustache Festival got into a tussle causing them to part ways. Neither can seem to part with the festival though, so next year, they’ll each organize their own.

Earlier this year, two beard aficionados brought their passion to life by organizing the first ever Granite City Beard and Moustache Festival in Aberdeen, Scotland. It was a glorious celebration of facial hair, sculpting wax, and beer. It was a great success.

The festival’s creators, Scot Thompson and Kev Clarke, had been friends for years before creating the GCBMF. They first met at Thompson’s workplace, Lumberjack Inc. (grooming products for men) where Clarke was a client, and bonded over their mutual love of beards right away.


Photo from August's Granite City Beard and Moustache Festival

Who could’ve foreseen that beards would also be what split them apart?

In the time since the festival, which was held on August 6, 2017 at the Parkway Bar & Lounge, Thompson and Clarke have had a falling out, leaving the festival solely in the hands of Thompson.

Kev Clarke wasn’t about to let go of his passion project though, and decided to create his own facial hair festival, which he’s chosen to call the Granite City Beard Fest, not too unlike the name of his duo project. Obviously, Thompson is unhappy.

In a statement about his bro-breakup and Kev’s new festival, Scot had this to say:

Scot Thompson

“Kev stole my idea and event name after working for me.

"I ran a second event, called Auld Reekie Beardfest (in Edinburgh) a few weeks ago and have plans to run another six around the UK.

"It’s a shame someone who was once a friend has decided to not only steal my idea but he hasn’t even the creativity to call it something else.”

Kev was quick to respond.

Kev Clarke

“I reject that accusation. Scot and I came up with the idea of the festival together and I came up with the name.

"The name was never trademarked before, but I have trademarked it now.

"Scot saw that the festival was profitable and decided he didn’t need me any more.

"The new festival is my way of showing that I can do it better.”

You could say this is an immature way to handle a fight between friends, but how immature can you be with a beard as impressive at these? Eh? Eh?

Kev’s competing festival, The Granite City Beard Fest will be held on May 6, 2018.

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