A taxi driver gets the police involved when two young ladies are 80 cents short of their fare!

For the paltry sum of 60 British pence (80 cents US), two teenagers in the UK were left giggling with embarrassment when the taxi driver wouldn't show any signs of leniency. THAT'S HOW HE ROLLS, MOFOS.

They fought the law and the law won!

Well, not exactly. This isn't like the great train robbery or Bonnie and Clyde, but it still ended in a jail cell. And all for what? I piddling 60 pence. This is how things go down in the UK: the po-po received a call from an angry taxi driver. Two clients, Sophie Heath and Yeva Wilcox, that he'd picked up couldn't pay the full amount of a fare, which had reached the giddy heights of £6,80 (about $9,20). Unfortunately, when they parked in front of Miss Heath's home at around 3 a.m., they were 60 pence short. $0,80. Yep, you read it right. They take their money seriously in Newcastle-under-Lyme, so the driver locked them in the taxi and drove them to the police station.

(This is what a taxi looks like in the UK)

Our taxi driver wasn't about to let go of what he was owed: the total amount had to paid in full, no debate, no haggling, even though the girls were obviously a bit tipsy and were on their way home to their parents' late at night.

Is this dude serious?

Yes, he was. The girls however were quite amused by the whole situation, probably due to the drink, and posted pictures and snaps of the scene onto their social media outlets. In doing so, they only stoked the fire burning inside our taxi driver's brainbox, who ordered them to wake their parents right away so that they could cough up the missing cash. When confronted with a great big no from the girls, he then tried to get the police involved. Yes, he went there.

Leaving young ladies outside, in the middle of the night, simply isn't cricket

Shocked by the ridiculousness of the whole situation, the two teenagers started to panic. Faced with a lack of reaction from the police force, who considered the situation not worth their time (and quite rightly so), the taxi driver left the girls… twenty minutes away from their homes. After all, 60 pence is definitely more valuable than the safety of two teenagers on their way home from a party in the middle of the night. OF COURSE IT IS.

What would you have done if you'd been the taxi driver? Would you have been a bit more compliant, or just as unwilling to budge?

By Daniel Darc / Wednesday 20 September 2017 17:01 /
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Top comments
By  RichardPencil  |  30

And what about his tip?

This sounds like the start of a porno.
DRIVER: You owe me more money!
GIRLS: That's all we have. Maybe there's SOMETHING we could do to make it right?
(Bow chicka bow-bow)
For 80 cents US, each girl gives the driver a handshake with prolonged eye contact.

OK, it's kind of a boring porno, but the debt should be much more to have something exciting happen.

By  Nova Solarius  |  10

If I was the taxi driver I would first suppress the overwhelming urge to point out that I would do the exact same because I'd think like that driver. I'd then drop them off and return in the morning to puck up the rest of the money.

By  mekiswrite  |  21

If he had already driven them to their destination, he could have gotten one girl to go in and get the remaining fair and gotten the other to stay in the car as "collateral". But taking them to the police station is ridiculous

By  KittyMack  |  13

They shorted him (not just the 60p but the tip so maybe 5£) and they shouldn't get away with it. If you are buying eggs at the grocer and are 60p short but try to walk out with the eggs anyway they call the cops &/or confiscate the eggs. This guy confiscated his "product" which was taking them to their home. No different. It would be wrong to let drunk a holes get away with theft.
As for those saying it was dangerous to abandon them- he left them at the police station. There's no place safer than that!

  littl3storm  |  29

it's the UK, we don't tip our drivers as their wage is counted in the fair - 60p isn't a huge deal, yes it's irritating but it isn't worth putting someone's safety at risk at 3am. Britain isn't a nice place at night, they were two young girls, use a bit of common sense

By  dexter420  |  21

They didn't even save money for a tip. I don't go out and eat or get a cab if i cant pay the tip. Thats how he gets paid. All the girls did was laugh. There on there own