A Man Hid in the Woods For Ten Years to Flee His Nagging Wife

A Birmingham gardener had it up to here with his wife of three years after she wouldn’t stop complaining about his work . So he decided to move his life to the forest to spend a decade living in obscurity. After all these years, he’s back in civilization.

Have you ever been in a relationship so bad that you fantasized about running away to the forest to escape your nagging s.o.? Well one man made that fantasy a reality when he dropped everything and started a life in the forest to escape his insufferable wife.

A man named Malcolm Applegate had been living in Birmingham, England with his wife for three years, trying to appease a sour relationship. Applegate, now 62, is a gardener by trade and has been passionate and good at his work his whole life. After building his reputation in the area, he was getting plenty of work, though to the dismay of his wife.

She said, 'Why don't we have more time together?' I said, 'How can I? I have been recommended to people'.

In an interview with MailOnline, he explained further:

"I just upped and left, I got fed up with her because we used to get so many arguments.
'It took me three weeks to get back to London.

Though not London, proper. After Applegate made his exit, he spent three-weeks making his way from Birmingham to a thick wood near Kingston, an area about 10 miles (16 km) away from London. After initially fleeing on bike, he was forced to spend half of the journey on foot when his bike was stolen near Oxford. 

He found gardening work in the Kingston city center at a community elderly center where he had access to a shower, but would return to a remote part of the woods to sleep.

"There were three of us camping...No one knew we were there. It's not well known - nobody would go in there."

Applegate hadn’t said goodbye to anyone - not to his wife, nor to his friends and family, so it came as a surprise and a relief when after 10 years, his sister received a letter from him. After his decade-long stint as a nomad and recontacting his sister, Applegate re-settled at the Emmaus Greenwich Centre, a homeless center in south London, where he does odd jobs and raises money for the homeless. 

"I have a lovely room, I am able to work and I can still lead an active social life - I love it here - my life is officially back on track."

And while his newly on-track life includes relationships with his family, there is one person who is certainly not back in his life. So far, there’s no word on his wife, which for him is all the better, I’m sure.

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