A Fly Single-Handedly Ruined A Domino World Record Attempt

A fly that landed on a domino set off a premature chain reaction during what was going to be a new world record. Kinda makes your FMLs seem small, eh?

According to Metro, a German domino entertainment group (yes, that's apparently a thing,) attempted to break their own 2013 Guinness World Record of 537,938 fallen tiles. 

"The fly triggered the chain reaction prematurely." Patrick Sinner of Sinners Domino Entertainment told a local newspaper. "There was no time to set up all the little tiles again."

The group recruited 22 people to fit 596,229 mini dominoes with tweezers. The tiles were about as big as a fingernail and it and took two weeks to set up.

Despite the evil fly's meddling attempt to steal the group of their world record, 4 other world records were broken that day; including longest domino wall, the largest spiral and the largest domino cube. But the most impressive record broken that day was the longest domino chain reaction, which, believe it or not, lasted15 full minutes. Could you imagine anything at all lasting that long? I know the men on here certainly can't. 

Here is a photo of the suspect in question. His motives are still unclear, but if you believe you have information on his whearabouts please leave a comment below. 

By nadine / Tuesday 7 August 2018 15:17 /
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By  d3rpb0t  |  10

This sounds like a metaphor for social awkwardness yet somehow salvaged and still turned socially awesome. Now we know where both penguins get their material.

By  ChromoTec  |  24

I think I know where he is. Found him in my house a few minutes ago. I have a reward for his capture and killing. Please leave me your contact information below if you would like to take this job.

By  RichardPencil  |  30

Do you remember in “Apocalypse Now” how they attacked in their helicopters playing “The Ride of the Valkyries?”

I’m imagining this fly dive-bombing the dominoes playing Styx’s “Too Much Time on My Hands”