5 People Arrested For Holding A Rave At An Abandoned Toys R Us

*umtiss umtiss umtiss umtiss* FML

If you grew up near a Toys R Us, you've probably got some really fond memories about the toy store from when you were a kid. When the store announced its' bankruptcy in September and decided to sell off most of their stores or close them all together, the remaining inner child in most adults died. 

Dramatic? Well, some people had a harder time letting go than others apparently, because 5 people were arrested for holding a rave at an abandoned Toys R Us in the Hounslow borough of West London, Variety reports.

Unfortunately for those who bought a ticket, the “massive Easter weekend rave,” was shut down before it even began. 

The twitter also warned people with tickets not to bother showing up, as people are being turned away.

Sorry, rave goers and other various nostalgic adults, looks like you'll have to take the rave elsewhere. Maybe an abandoned Build-A-Bear will do.

By Nadine / Sunday 15 April 2018 16:31 /
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