36 Twitter Reactions to the Season Finale of Game of Thrones to Read with Your Mouth Agape Because We’re All in Shock Right Now

THIS IS IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE I’M LITERALLY SCREAMING. After the much anticipated season finale of Season 7 of 'Game of Thrones,' we desperately need to debrief because the ending left literally all of mankind saying FML. Fair warning: if you haven’t seen it yet, do not click this, because it does indeed contain spoilers.

While the season 7 finale started out slow in comparison to the last few action-packed episodes, the ending left us just as shook as when Drogon made his battle debut in episode 4. Seven seasons have been building up to what we just witnessed and I, for one, am not disappointed. So much has happened, folks.

So. Much. 

Naturally, in such a state of shock, we turn to Twitter to de-stress and hash out our favorite (and least favorite) moments via memes and gifs, because that’s how emotionally stable people deal with their problems, right? Right.

1. Straight away, we saw several reunions. So many tangled histories making their way to the Dragon Pit, and this one was by far the sweetest. You know, in it's own weird way.

2. We all broke out in a nervous sweat with this level of tension in one place.

3. We finally got to see Cersei scared.

4. We were all ready to watch this steampunk asshole peace out.

5. Fast forward to one of the most satisfying moments in Thrones history.

6. Cheers to Bran, the Egg Man. Here, there, everywhere.

7. Bye Feliciaaaa

8. Yaaaaaasssss

9. All of us right now.

10. When the prick of the century finally gets a taste of his own medicine, everyone watching gave a standing ovation.

11. Daddy's girls <3

12. Theon: "Ha. What is dead may never die, biotch." 

13. *Slow clap*

14. Nah, babe, you gotta save yourself for Tormund!

15. When the biggest secret of the series finally comes out...

16. Wow, ok Samwell. You didn't even care when she told you the first time and now you're gonna take all the cedit? Roooood.

17. And once again, Bran is the biggest buzzkill ever. Not now, mate. Just let me enjoy this!

18. You were a great man through and through.

19. F*** morals, gimme some of that Targaryen lovin'.

20. Ser Jorah, House Friendzone.

21. Booty booty booty booty rockin' everywhere.

22. An ass worthy of the throne.

23. And they lived happily ever after.

24. Damn it Bran, you're supposed to know everything!


26. For real though, does it just destroy stuff?

27. Now you're just somebody that I used to know.

28. This is really all that matters.

29. There is a love story here that still needs to play out!

30. Me watching and reacting to GoT in the office and ruining it for all my colleagues. 

31. Truly an accomplishment.

32. Fans speculating season 8 have a serious case of baby fever.

33. Karma's an imp.

34. What do we do now?

35. Bad news, guys. We've got a long time to wait.

36. "I beg you! More Thrones"

By Nina / Monday 28 August 2017 12:08 / France
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