29 Twitter Reactions to Last Night’s GoT Because We Absolutely NEED to Talk About What Just Happened

The world is shook. Thank the old gods and the new that Twitter exists for us to talk about ‘Game of Thrones’ because we are in real need of some tweet therapy after last night’s episode left us saying "FML." These are dark times, people. Here are the most relatable reactions from throughout and after the episode!


Last night we witnessed the battle we’ve been waiting for since episode one and despite seven years of anticipation, not a single one of us was prepared. Not even close.

Before we get started with the tweet compilation, let’s take a moment of silence in remembrance of not only Viserion, but also the little part of each and every one of us that died while watching episode 6.

The night is dark and full of terrors.

1. Before we address the dragons and the army of the dead, let's vent about the Stark sisters acting all salty toward each other. Girls, this is not the time!

2. And all because of the most hateable character on the show, Littlefinger.

3. Michael Scott said it first, but by changing Toby for Littlefinger, @AshleyHickman91 said it best.

4. Like, seriously. What was that?!

5. Now everyone's complaining about the show's timeline...

6. I don't even care, man. Just give me more action!

7. I'm cool with it. 

8. The moment we knew our boys were f***ed.

9. Walkers. Walkers everywhere.

10. Why we were all screaming at our screens.

11. TBH I thought it was Tormund almost everytime and I was ready to give up on all of this. 

12. Aaaaand here is when I started screaming profanities at the Night King.

13. F*** YOU. JUST PLAIN OL' F*** YOU.

14. Cue the waterworks.

15. There was not a single dry eye in last night's audience.

16. Let's just honor him for the badass, good-hearted, undead man he was.

17. He always showed up when he was most needed. Benjen Stark, you will be missed.

18. This show is tearing us apart! 

19. Because it's 2017 and we can't have nice things.

20. The moral dilemma is REAL. That scene at the end, though. We needed that little romantic scene to lighten our hearts after what we just witnessed.

21. Yea boiiiii.

22. *heart explodes*

23. And just when we were starting to recover, THIS HAPPENED. 

24. Well, congratulations, Mr. Martin, you sadistic f***. Our souls are officially crushed. Thanks.

25. That's what Twitter is for!

26. What is the point of living when there is not new GoT?!

27. Think it's just about time for a year-long hibernation. What do you say?

28. Re-runs, baby. Brush up on your series knowledge. 

29. My life.

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