29 FML moments in Paris, the city of love, the city of lights, the city of… WTF?

Everyone has either visited or seen pictures of Paris. The Eiffel tower, the bridges, people kissing in black and white… Tourists flock to its busy streets every year to discover that everything is not as they thought it would be. Here's a few funny examples!

There's two types of people in the world : Parisians and normal people

Only joking. In France, there's always been an underlying tension between people who live in Paris, and people who live in the rest of France. It's a sort of inverted snobbery, with both parties ending up being as snobbish as the other. We hold no truck for that sort of silly judgments. However, we do know that there's some weird things to be seen in Paris. This is how the world imagines Paris:


FML is universal

To prove that the picture above is a bit too perfect, here's a guide to France's capital city so you'll know what to expect, and help you avoid a shitty vacation.

1 - Paris is known for its fashion sense… and strange grasp of English


2 - People move home all the time


3 - However, some apartments are weirdly dispositioned

4 - But you can find a small place to live. Emphasis on "small".


5 - People have trouble finding a place to park


6 - Driving in Paris is complicated for some people

7 - Whether cars or trucks

8 - Make sure your two-wheeler doesn't get covered by spiderwebs


9 - No need to clean your Renault car

10 - Be careful where you park


"Badly parked"

11 - There are many ways to get lost inside the Paris metro

12 - The Paris metro is the place to be if you're into fashion


13 - Everyone feels at home: when it gets hot, people take their shoes off


14 - Conspiracy theorists use the metro walls to warn us

15 - Take a load off, have a nap


16 - You can bump into lookalikes of famous people at every corner


17 - Or Jesus

18 - As well as realistic foxes

19 - Passengers in public transportation can be quite… odd


20 - People do rely on other forms of transportation


21 - The streets of Paris are known for being full of surprising art


22 - Theft happens a lot, so lock everything down


23 - The cornershop has received its most important delivery

"We've received the Nutella" 

24 - The shop next door has changed its storefront

25 - Paris eats sad food 

"Varied Sa(n)dwiches" 


26 - Paris is romantic


27 - Paris is always up for a laugh


28 - Paris takes care of its citizens


29 - Come back anytime, the reception will be the same


We could go on, Paris is full of surprises and things to see! 

That's for today, but don't hesitate to send in your own weird photos from your neck of the woods. Who knows, we could make an article for each major city, or state, or even country! 

(Many thanks to the Tumblr http://wtfbelleville.tumblr.com as well as our anonymous contributors, notably Marie M.)

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