23 Perfect Twitter Reactions To Episode 2 Of The Walking Dead Season 8, 'The Damned'

SPOILERS AHEAD. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Tweeted by fans and compiled by someone desperately trying to catch up. If you read this and are still somehow upset by spoilers, well then, that FML is on you, buddy.

Once again, yes, this article does contain spoilers.

If you’ve ever been to a foreign country with they speak a different language then you might know how it feels for me to be writing about ‘The Walking Dead.’ I missed out on the hype during the first few seasons and now I’m struggling to figure it out, so I’m turning to Twitter.

If you want to school me on TWD in the comments, be my guest. For now, here are the best reaction tweets to last night’s episode (in no particular order)!

1. Hello, old friend.

2. Where've you been, bud?

3. Morgan sounds like he must be trigger-happy.

4. I'd steer clear of this man if I were you.

5. ...but people seemed to really love the action.

6. Some people just don't learn.

7. You can't just go around claiming all the babies!

8. Put it back, Rick.

9. Poor little orphan :'(

10. When are people going to learn splitting up is never a good idea.

11. ...wait there are tigers in this show?

12. This is getting so badass.

13. Cool with me.

14. Because nobody has time to reload.

15. Tell me about it.

16. Now is not the time!

17. Especially on Mondays.

18. Disrespect is not invited.

19. I see what you did there.

20. Stoooooked.

21. Post-apocalyptic life isn't for everyone.

22. Okay, now breathe.

23. or me reading any of these tweets.

By Nina / Monday 30 October 2017 12:29 /
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