23+ People Who Really Should’ve Done More Research Before Getting Their Chinese Character Tattoo

Last week we did a compilation of badly translated English in China, but this week, we’re showing you that the FML goes both ways. I’d argue it’s worse for these folks. I mean, can you imagine having “chicken noodle soup” on your body for the rest of your life?

For anyone that’s not Chinese, choosing to get a tattoo of a Chinese character is a sign you like to live dangerously. To put a phrase from one of the most complex language families on your body without having mastered it yourself is, well, ballsy. And ill-advised.

Just ask these people. Who knows what they were going for. Whether the translation came out differently than intended or the translation is exactly as intended and it’s just straight-up dumb, in our eyes, they all translate to “FML.”

1. In case you couldn't tell...

2. This is the tattoo you're taking with you to your coffin, dude.

3. Really not sure what the intention here was, but anything would have been better than this.

4. An homage to the fabled majestic golden pig.

5. ...is what this tattoo was.

6. Think of all the money you could've saved by NOT getting this tattoo.

7. Dracarys.

8. Why he'll never be MVP.

9. See, tough guys can hurt too. 

10. This person's life.

11. Actually and ancient Chinese proverb.

12. In honor of my favorite midday snack.

13. I mean it's delicious. I get you, bro. 

14. And a soda on the side.

15. Should've used your noodle before getting this done.

16. Someone's fiesty.

17. Well, I'll say.

18. Now that T. Swift has decided she's a rapper.

19. Speaking of holy, there are plenty of holes in the logic behind this tattoo.

20. As if getting this inked wasn't bad enough, you also had it mirrored?

21. How to snag a wife.

22. There are no words for this one.

23. A handful of other gems. 

If you have a shitty tattoo, Chinese or otherwise, or know someone else who does, don't hesitate to send it to us! It's selfish to keep all the lols to yourself. WE WANT LAUGHTER TOO!

By Nina / Tuesday 5 September 2017 12:38 /
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  Ashamed_Sister  |  60

You could check this out quite easily because the terms "older sister" and "younger sister" have been very popular with tattoo artists since many years (don't look for "big" and "little"). Picture search and Translator should give you consistent results.