21 Times Wedding Photos Were Made Even More Memorable By Ridiculous Photobombs

Wedding photographers are responsible for capturing everything that goes on on a couple’s special day. How the wedding is remembered will depend on their work, so when their pictures get photobombed, it can sometimes be an FML. But that’s not always the case, as proven in this collection of hilarious wedding photobombs!

Wedding days go by in a hazy blur for happy couple, too excited, blinded by love, and tired of talking to guests to have time to reflect on the little moments of the day. That’s what wedding photographers are for. They capture everything. From the guests’ reactions to the centerpieces on the table to the glisten of a happy tear in the corner of the bride’s eye.

But sometimes, they get more than they bargain for, like furry wedding crashers, mischievous toddlers, and immature guests. When little surprises like these show up in photos, they rarely ruin the batch. In fact, the photobombs like these make the day all the more memorable.

Here are some of our favorite!

1. It seems the real subject is not in focus.

2. Meerkat ain't got no time for romance.

3. Watch out lady! This groom is clearly a vampire, but instead of turning into a bat, he turns into a shark.

4. Hai der. i iz joyful on festiv occashun to!

5. Look back at it.

6. Perfect timing.

7. Squirrels are so desperate for attention.

8. Incoming!

9. That's a sign...

10. "Today, I shit my pants in my wedding suit. FML"

11. "I now pronounce you man and wife," said no llama ever, since llamas can't talk.

12. This is why you're a bridesmaid and not the bride.

13. Leveling up the cuteness.

14. If you liked The Runaway Bride, you're going to love the sequel, Runaway Flower Girl!

15. Such happiness!

16. *blep*

17. This looks like a good spot, right here.

18. The passers by can feel the love and excitement too.

19. Sorry to disturb you.

20. When you want to make sure meme culture is memorialized in your 2011 wedding.

21. When you're at butt-level and one of the bride farts.

By Nina / Friday 10 November 2017 14:47 /
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  Bothersomebug328  |  5

I agree. The arm with the flowers is lower in the reflection

  Glowworm56  |  25

Actually, I think it's a ground squirrel. Those look a bit different from the bushy tailed variety that hang around in the park with their mafia buddies.