20 Times People Tried Online Shopping And Really Regretted It

With Hanukkah starting tomorrow and Christmas coming up, it’s natural to want to avoid the crowds and stick to online shopping, but beware! You might not get exactly what you were hoping for. Just ask these people.

Online shopping makes life so much easier. Nowadays you don’t even have to go to the grocery store; you just order online and your groceries will be delivered straight to your door, sometimes even on the same day.

Particularly around this time of year, people are especially thankful for online shopping so they don’t have to face the hoards of frantic and ruthless shoppers rushing to buy for everyone on their list. Facing those crowds can be stressful and dangerous, so why not browse the millions of options online from the comfort of your own home?

As it turns out, there are plenty of reasons. Delayed packages mean you risk not getting your orders on time, shipping costs can be astronomical, and most importantly, the objects pictured can be deceiving. From strategic wording to trick photography, there’s no way to be sure you’ll receive what you thought you had ordered.

Learn from other people’s mistakes by checking out these 20 online shopping failures that might make you think twice about hitting up the mall.

1. Normally 50% off refers to the price...not the product.

2. It'll be hard to smile at that camera from now on.

3. Sexy go-go dancer or hazmat worker?

4. The look on the kids face says it all.

5. The reality flatters your curves.

6. What a sad excuse for shorts.

7. I guess quality control was snoozing when these came up for review.

8. "I was going for a 'Where The Wild Thigns Are' look anyway..."

9. This could work for a sexy mummy Halloween costume.

10. Perfect for your hamster's wedding.

11. Sending mixed messages.

12. What a hot mess.

13. As long as you paid Hanes prices, what's the difference?

14. They could've at least gotten the color right.

15. Looks like mis-matched mittens.

16. My 5 year old cousin made something similar in her art class.

17. Jumpsuits are always a gamble.

18. So cozy.

19. Apparently this was made for people with no torso.

20. Not the size I ordered...

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