20 Funny Tweets To Get You Through The Last Few Days of November

Sundays are just a harsh reminder that Monday is on its way, but before you nosedive into the FML-iest day of the week, have one last laugh, courtesy of Twitter!

We at FML spend so much time reading through all the submissions to sort out trash from treasure that we get bummed before too long. That’s why we take the occasional Twitter breaks to pick us back up.
Here are some of our favorite Tweets from the week that made us laugh!

1. Why is the TV on anyway?

2. It's burning my eyes.

3. I stand corrected.

4. Thank you, Captain Obvious.

5. My dreams aren't nearly as deep as yours.


7. You don't wanna know, mumikins.

8. Cool, I was already in my pajamas anyway.

9. Stop it with this nonsense, Mr. Moviefone.

10. Adulting level 35.

11. Thank you, strange man on the street.

12. I was wrong. I was so wrong.

13. Y u gotta be so exclusive?

14. I call that Friday night.

15. End of semester feels.

16. Signs you might have a problem.

17. Me too.

18. Actually no, it sucks.

19. Only all the time.

20. Maybe next round.

By Nina / Wednesday 22 November 2017 14:35 /
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