20 Funny FMLs Warning You Of What To Expect If You're Having Christmas Dinner Or Lunch With The Family!

Maybe it's the dry turkey. Maybe it's grandma who can't stop farting and everyone has to pretend they haven't noticed. Maybe it's the squawking kids all over the place. FMLs seem to come in all shapes and sizes for Christmas. Enjoy this selection, and feel the dread.

1 - We're still not sure whether it was a joke or not.

2 - Kids at Xmas are the worst. Feed them all some Xanax or booze.

3 - Fun for all the family

4 - It's the final countdown

5 - Never lend stuff to infants, especially to play with.

6 - Dammit mom, leave me alone!

7 - Thanks for the invite, I guess…

8 - The invisible woman

9 - Why should SHE have to pay for it?

10 - They might start calling you Jabba the Hut if you get any bigger

11 - Who forgets Christmas??

12 - Booze and moms, ruining Christmasses since the end of prohibition.

13 - Marley and Me, the Xmas Box Set

14 - Always blame it on the youngest member of the team.

15 - Fight Club is always on at Christmas

16 - Nothing wrong with a bit of liquid fun on Christmas Eve!

17 - The Christmas Bingo!

18 - Smarmy little twerp.

19 - The old switcheroo

20 - Crafty

Now you know what to expect!

Don't say that we didn't warn you… but if your Christmas is a total FML, send it in and we might post it. Merry Christmas!

By Alan / Thursday 21 December 2017 15:53 / France
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