18 FMLs About Teddy Bears...It's Funnier Than It Sounds

Today is National Teddy Bear Day, so in honor of the stuffed BFFs that got us through infancy, we’ve compiled some of our favorite FMLs about teddy bears. I know, I know. Doesn’t sound like a hot topic for FMLs, right? There, you’d be wrong…

…yeah, we’re not sure why there’s a National Teddy Bear Day either, but there were a ton of these FMLs so we’re just gonna go with it. Mkay? 

They were there for you in times you needed comfort. When you were a kid and afraid of the dark. When you heard monsters rumbling in the closet, but mom and dad wouldn’t believe you. Your teddy bear was the only thing that could protect you. They’re a shield—a kind of talisman, in fact. But only when you’re young.

It turns out, when you’re an adult and you find yourself with a teddy bear, it’s not just embarrassing, it’s a bad luck charm. These people had to find out for themselves.

1. Found: door-to-door salesman repellant.

2. Put that back where you found it!

3. Teddies should be used for good, not destruction.

4. Perfectly bad timing.

5. Reminds me of teddy grahams. Makes me hungry.

6. Ah, stoner love. His romance skills are high.

7. It was probably time to let go anyway.

8. Maybe if you'd have stayed away one more day, you could've ridden shotgun.

9. Hey, you've gotta make the job fun somehow!

10. You're boss is as savage as a real bear.

11. Aren't dads great?

12. Puberty is rough.

13. Triggered.

14. Seeking guidance in a stuffed animal and taking wind as an omen? YDI

15. Imagination keeps us young forever.

16. Bear-utal.

17. Keepin' em' entertained. Good thinking.

18. You're not wrong.

By Nina / Wednesday 6 September 2017 17:26 / France
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