17 Grammy Tweets From Last Night That Were Funnier Than The Grammy's Themselves

The 2018 Grammy’s were last night, and they were known for being one of the least funny ones yet. Major FML. But at least there is the Internet, where people have always got something to say.

So many artists snubbed. So many political overtones. Condolence puppies being passed out to cheer people up. Overall, the 2018 Grammy’s had a bit of  tension, and the people on the internet had some things to say about it. That is, when they finally got over talking about Blue Ivy scolding her parents. Here are the 17 funniest Grammy tweets from last night.

1. Beyonce’s outfit being a major point of interest.

2. ...With so many jokes being made.

3. So much shade thrown.

4. When the glow up is real.

5. A highly intense moment.  

6. We feel you, lady.

7. The internet, like, really feels you.

8. Every. Year. 

9. We’re pretty sure this is an actual fact.

10. Wait, we weren’t done with tweets about Beyonce’s outfit.

11. If I see you & I don’t speak, that mean I don’t fuck wit you.

12. This savage comment.

13. Much like Rihanna, language evolves.

14. “Stewart’s mind needs to be nurtured at home, too.” -Logic to a parent, probably.

15. “Also, you won’t be able to delete it. You’re welcome” -U2

16. Not today!

17. The moms-only Bruno Mars fan club meets every Tuesday. Bring snacks.

By Nadine / Monday 29 January 2018 15:03 / France
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