16 Super Mario FMLs For National Mario Day!

Yep, believe it or not, a whole day for the video game character does exist, and there are plenty of FMLs about him. This little guy has messed some things up.

Ok, fair. Everyone loves Mario, so why wouldn't there be a whole day dedicated to the video game character? Also, this day makes sense. Apparently it falls on March 10th, because when abbreviated, it's Mar.10 ....Eh? eh? Get it? 

1. Betcha wouldn't be saying that if he had won, Brenda.

2. A missed opportunity to play Mario Kart.


3. Was it worth it? Probably.

4. Poor dude wasn't even playing. 

5. Did you know she was a sore loser when you married her?


7. "I'm finishing first somwhere, honey."


8. Do you go to school or Military Camp?

9. Your friends and family are either assholes, or aren't paying attention to you at all.

10. Mario Kart has clearly ended a plethora of relationships.

11. Do-do-do-do-dododododooo....


12. I don't blame him. Who still has an N64?!

13. I tried to do the Pocahontas waterfall jump into the tub once. I was 5 though.

14. Break up with him immediately and call the police.

15. Well, this is unfortunate. 

16. See caption #14.

By Nadine / Wednesday 7 March 2018 16:42 / France
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