16 Of The Funniest Tweets From This Week

It's the ides of March. (Probably. To be honest we aren't really sure, but it seems like a cool thing to say right now.) And you're either extremely hungover from yesterdays St. Patrick's Day shenanigans (FML for you) or you aren't, and you're doing life wrong. Either way, as promised we've comprised the funniest tweets of the week, all in one nice neat little package for you to nurse that hangover (or not) with. Drink plenty of fluids & enjoy.

1.Remember when we didn't have 280 characters and gems like these would never ave been possible?

2. They aint wrong though.

3. Just not the kind of water from the last tweet.

4. Honestly....... the disrespect of not accepting $800 is too much.

5. We didn't say play dead!

6.  *sips tea*

7. Well I guess that settles it then.

8. The original tweet was great...

9. ...And the reply was also too good to pass up:

10. You love me, and you're gonna prove it.

11.She speaks for all women.

12. Got it, chief.

13. Or before even getting the joke out.

14. An accurate description of life at the moment:

15. Wait for it.

16. Last one goes out to Stephen Hawking, for being a badass. RIP.

By Nadine / Friday 16 March 2018 17:27 / France
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