15 Incredible Transformations From 2012 To 2018 That Will Have You Do A Double Take

Growing up feeling unattractive, overweight or in the wrong body is a major FML. These people did something about that.

A lot can change in just a few years. If you've gone through a major glow up or complete body transformation, you're likely to want to hide your old photos and pretend those terrible times simply did not happen. Unfortnately, our old selves are immortalized in photos. 

Sometimes, peeking back at the old days can be a nice reminder of how far we've come, and where we've been. When the #2012vs2018 challenge went viral, the opportunity to face the past presented itself, and people did the damn thing. Bored Panda has the full collection, but here are 15 of our favorites. 

1. "4 Years Of Change.."

2. "I Could Swear There’s Worse Pictures Of Me From 2012 But I’ve Deleted Everything Off Of Facebook In Efforts To Forget About Those Times"

3. "Hold Up What Even"

4. "A Little Late To This Trend But I’ll Just Leave This Here"

5. "Be Careful Who You’re Mean To"

6. "Thought I Should Join This"

7. "Am I Too Late?"

8. "I Did That"

9. "Evolution Of Aqasha"

10. "2012 Vs 2018"

11. "This Sh*t Was Made For Me"

12. "It’s Hard To Post This Even Though I Don’t Look Like That Anymore, I Still Struggle With My Self Image. So I’m Asking Nicely, Please Be Kind.."

13. "2012-2018, They Ask Me What My Inspiration Was, I Tell ‘Em Global Warming"

14. "Who Is This Dude, Your Cousin?"

15.  "5 Years Cancer Free."

By Nadine / Monday 16 April 2018 20:25 /
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Top comments

Uhhh the outward appearance changing over time isn't a surprising thing. These people have obviously had major personal transformations and challenges as they have grown. I wish their stories were included with the pictures- it would be more interesting than the "before and after" shtick.

By  j'aimeleschats  |  4

2 and 8...just WAY too much makeup. Anyone could "transform" into just about anyone or anything with that much crap plastered onto their pace. As for every other picture, incredible transformations!

By  QueenSaru  |  28

I mean, a lot of these they look drastically different because of liberal application of make-up. It'd be more moving to have stories behind these when make up when applied skillfully can make ANYONE look amazing. 30lbs of makeup =/= a transformation.