15 Funny Tweets That’ll Boost Your Mood Before The Work Week Starts Again

By Nina / dimanche 12 novembre 2017 05:30
And if you weren’t thinking about it before, sorry for reminding you. But before you nosedive into the FML-iest day of the week, have one last laugh, courtesy of Twitter!

We at FML spend so much time reading through all the submissions to sort out trash from treasure that we get bummed before too long. That’s why we take the occasional Twitter breaks to pick us back up.

Here are some of our favorite Tweets from the week that made us laugh!

1. I danced with basketballs because of Zac Efron.

2. Better every loop.

3. What a refined generation millenials are. 

4. Maybe all this really has just been a nightmare all along. 

5. One way of dealing with stress.

6. well yeah

7. unhand me, you brute!

8. motivation

9. ...and?

10. Naturally

11. such innocence

12. 3am, the devil's hour.

13. Order one now from our extensive catalog on Tinder!

14. Not trying to share my onion volcano with some strangers.

15. the audacity!

16. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

17. This is your doing, Twitter.

18. Ain't that the truth

19. Everyone wins

20. *heart rate intensifies*

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