15 FMLs From People Whose Nights Got A Little Too Out Of Hand

Last night we rang in the new year, some of us a little more boisterously than others. Whether you got crazy last night or took it easy, you’ll enjoy these FMLs from people who will know better for next time to tone down the crazy. I’m talking to you, grandma.

1. Rough time to be a sympathetic puker.

2. Sounds like you had a bad trip, dude.

3. Get ready to cringe.

4. Granny goes hard.

5. Mission accomplished.

6. This is memorable too.

7. Who has henna lyring around, but not a pen?

8. Is this what the kids mean when they say "get lit?"

9. Yes, but you encouraged her on her path to fulfilling her dream of becoming a hair stylist.

10. Tsk, tsk. Everyone knows you shout "Cannonball" when you do a cannonball.

11. A "strange wetness" indeed.

12. Karma's a percussionist.

13. I'ma do the things that I wanna do.

14. Probably how many other people responded to your message too.

15. I've always thought pianos looked like giant toilets, didn't you?

By Nina / Wednesday 27 December 2017 18:37 /
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By  pjsr  |  32

Yeah... all these people deserve it if they got drunk beyond memory. Don’t care if this is a redundant comment, I’ll always believe this.