15 FMLs About Shitty New Years Eves That Prove You’re Not The Only Who Thinks This Holiday Sucks

By Nina / dimanche 31 décembre 2017 05:30
There’s always so much pressure to have a good time on New Year’s Eve and it can be a lot to live up to. So if you feel like you’re the only one having a less than epic NYE, think again. These FMLs will remind you that you’re not alone.

1. How to find out who your real friends are.

By PartyLosers / Sunday 1 January 2017 05:27 / Canada - Stoney Creek

2. No you may not.

3. Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy...

4. At least they didn't forget about you.

5. "Party in aisle 3!"

6. Welcome to rock bottom.

By Lonesome - / Wednesday 1 January 2014 06:41 / United States - Bossier City

7. This is why you always use a condom.

8. Considerate robbers always leave a note.

9. One way to ring in the new year.

10. I'm sorry, but this is just too sad.

11. What a let down.

By FavreFan99 - / Friday 1 January 2010 17:01 / United States

12. FarmVille? You're showing your age there, buddy.

By thatsjustlovely - / Friday 1 January 2010 08:16 / United States

13. "3..2...1...Bed time!!"

14. What are friends for, if not wasting your money?

15. Apparently faking sick isn't just for school kids.

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