15 FMLs About Semen, Everyone’s Favorite Kind of Seed, For National Seed Swap Day!

Let’s be honest, agriculture and gardening aren’t really the hottest topics on FML. But those aren’t the only activities that involve seeds! So this year for National Seed Swap Day, we’re talking about the seeds of humanity, so to speak. Unlike plant seeds, we’ve got FMLs a-plenty about semen.

Fun fact: did you know that semen literally means seed in Latin? Now that you know that, let’s get on with the compilation!

1. "Once upon a time, you were all almost stains like these..."

2. Kid's got wild aim.

3. Never cleaning up after him again.

4. A new experience.

5. You can find me in da club.

6. Our return policy is not quite as generous as Costco's...

7. American education ftw.

8. This is why shower shoes are necessary.

9. Teenagers are the worst.

10. A classy end to a classy date.

11. We are all scared.

12. Who is he to judge?

13. Not worth it.

14. Bet you've never been with anyone this sexy.


By Nina / Monday 22 January 2018 16:01 /
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