15 FMLs About Regular Vodka, Even Though It’s National Rhubarb Vodka Day

By Nina / samedi 2 décembre 2017 10:22
Rhubarb is cool, but we’re gonna focus on what’s really important here: the vodka part. If there were ever a formula for an FML, vodka would be the main ingredient.

It’s the first Saturday in December and that means it’s National Rhubarb Vodka Day! If you already knew that, I think you may have a drinking problem. Celebrating rhubarb vodka day to justify your drinking habits is stooping pretty low, especially considering rhubarb vodka is neither the most popular nor the most common kind of flavored vodka.

Fun fact: Did you know that rhubarb, while technically a vegetable, is legally a fruit ever since a 1947 court case in New York that decided that since it was primarily used as a fruit, it should be classified as one too? Bet you didn't. Bet you didn't care much either.

In honor of this very specific holiday, we’re focusing on the main part of rhubarb vodka day: the vodka. Lifegiver of FMLs, go-to liquor for underaged drinkers, easy to flavor, and hard to sip. It’s a true classic. And it can truly wreak havoc on your life.

1. And then she eye rolled into infinity.

By Languages - / Monday 24 April 2017 09:58 / United States - Irving

2. To numb the feeling of your sore muscles.

3. A practical joke that cost lives.

4. The vodka may have been 80 proof, but your plan was not fool-proof. 

5. How big was the bottle?!

6. Steam drunk.


Today, I'm celebrating my birthday in Russia. While we were enjoying a sauna, one of the guests decided to add water in order to make steam. It wasn’t water, it was vodka. You can imagine the rest. FML

By lord24 - / Saturday 21 November 2015 00:16 / Russian Federation

7. Always think twice before trusting drunk you.

8. A holiday tradition.

9. A shot for your sins.

10. Taste the rainbow.

11. At least you've got something to drown out the loss of your laptop with.

12. You're better off alone.

13. Ah to be 15 and have a secret vodka stash again...

14. Woah buddy, no touching the employees.

15. A $20 life lesson.

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