15 FMLs About People Who Are Definitely Aware of Reptiles In Honor of National Reptile Awareness Day

When I think of national awareness days, I think about things like diseases or social problems not everybody knows the consequences of. I do not think about reptiles, and yet, here we are. For this special day, here are some FMLs about times when people when people were suddenly “aware” of reptiles.

Have you ever heard of a “reptile”? It’s a class of animals characterized by cold blood and scales or bony plates, who lay soft-shelled eggs. Some examples are snakes, lizards, turtles, and tortoises. If reptiles sound familiar to you, it’s because you started learning about them probably before you could even read.

Nevertheless, there exists a day dedicated to reptile awareness, and that day has come. Some things you could do to celebrate include going to the zoo to see a reptile in real life, or if you’re feeling lazy, you could google a picture of a lizard. if you’re feeling a cinematic itch, you could watch any of the Anaconda movies or make the day a fiesta and watch Jurassic Park (dinosaurs were reptiles too)!

We at FML have decided to recognize National Reptile Awareness Day by compiling 15 FMLs in which someone suddenly becomes aware of a reptile. Whether they’re learning about reptiles for the first time or happen to stumble across a reptile they didn’t know was there, these people weren’t quite aware enough and paid for it in the end!

1. How sweet, a child offering council to the world's earliest reptiles after become aware of their demise.

2. This highly unaware 10-year-old could use some help from the last kid.

3. While he's at it, he might as well also educate this unaware 20-year-old.

4. You've got to help him out. Spread the awareness! 

5. In this FML, reptile awareness was just a guise for b00b awareness.

6. Poor guy, OP wasn't aware you were there!

7. Technology is a good tool for spreading lizard awareness.

8. This OP wishes he'd been aware earlier.

9. One way to say aware of reptiles is by listening for their calls, like this one.

10. This guys knows how to celebrate awareness day!

11. When awareness goes wrong.

12. The more you know.

13. Someone was too aware, to a fault. 

14. And now for a different story of people suddenly becoming aware of reptiles.

15. This OP is in the reptile awareness spirit even in her sleep.

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