13 Hilarious Tweets About The Bitter Cold That’s Taken Over North America

The record-breaking cold has taken over a good part of North America and even the most seasoned Canadians are saying it’s too cold! Here’s some of what people had to say about this frosty FML on Twitter.

Maybe the snow made for a nice, picturesque white Christmas, but now that that holiday is over, people are more than ready for the cold to go away. Only a week into winter and freezing temperatures on the East coast, the Midwest, and Canada have reached record lows.

In Minnesota, temperatures have dropped as low as -37°C, which goes without saying is TOO. DAMN. COLD. Like, can’t-even-breathe cold. Like, every-single-vein-in-your-body-is-frozen cold. Like, that’s-not-even-funny-because-people-are-legitimately-freezing-to-death-in-this-weather cold. Like even-Americans-are measuring-the-temperature-in-Celsius-to-make-minus-30-degrees-Fahrenheit-sound-even-worse cold.

That cold.

Here’s what people are saying.

1. Well, that takes care of that.

2. Be Kelso-cool.

3. Impervious or insane?

4. There shall be no skating today.

5. Time to go back inside.

6. They know best.

7. Not cool. Bring them back right this instant!

8. Can you not? Please and thank you. 

9. Lifestyle training.

10. it's only fitting.

11. We were the lucky ones.

12. Take this advice.

13. Chill all the things!

By Nina / Thursday 28 December 2017 16:12 / France
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