12 not-so-angry men escape from prison using peanut butter.

If you thought the TV show Prison Break was a bit too far-fetched, think again. Truth is often always stranger than fiction, and none more so in this case of convicts escaping via peanut butter.

We had trouble understand this one, so bear with us

Let's start at the beginning. In Walker County, in Alabama, twelve inmates escaped last Sunday. Unlike in the movies or TV shows, there was no violence used, and no tunnels were dug over several years using a spoon. The only thing they required was some peanut butter and a wet-behind-the-ears prison guard, who'll never be a Nobel prize winner. 

How did they do it?

They used the peanut butter to change their cell's number to the one also attributed to the exit. Then they grouped together while one of them asked the guard to be let back into their cell, claiming they'd forgotten something.

And it worked?

Yes. The guard opened the door and the twelve men hurried through to freedom. Luckily, eleven of them were caught, leaving one still on the lam from the law. The county sheriff posted a message on their Facebook page, recognizing that people make mistakes.

("OK then, out you go!")

Here's the list as it is right now :

So, now you know: if you end up in prison, ask for some peanut butter. It could help.

By Alan / Tuesday 1 August 2017 16:02 /
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