12 Infuriating Boss Moves That Will Make You Want To Quit Your Job And Pursue That Backpacking Dream Of Yours

It's safe to say that no one causes more FML moments in your life than your boss.

When one user asked for examples on how employers have killed employee morale in the subreddit r/askreddit, Pandora's box was opened. The answers are not surprising, but they are just as infuriating as you would imagine. Here are 12 terrible work stories... but don't worry! We aren't that sadistic. We've added suggestions on ways you can abandon your responsibilities and run away forever to every single post. Enjoy!

1. So, backpacking accross Europe isn't for you? What about Asia?

2. There's plenty to see in the world. Just pick a new continent. 

3. Really. Annnny continent at all will do.


4. What about Australia? That's a country and a continent. BAM.

5. Wanna go real crazy? Quit your job and start a farm in Alaska. Because, that's probably still better than your job.

6. Who invented money anyway? And why is it necessary again?

7. Why not just run away and join a nudist colony?

8. Become a hippie and live off of ~what the earth offers you~

9. ....It's up to you really. The possibilities are endless. 

10. Anyone know what the schedule is like in the adult film industry? Probably pretty laid back. (Pun intended.)

11. If all else fails, you can go back to school and live off of student discounts for the rest of your life.

12. But, let's get real. You'll probably go home tonight and down a bottle of wine, then wake up and head to work tomorrow. FYL.

By Nadine / Monday 13 August 2018 17:13 /
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By  TCRII  |  29

Boss: “I just want to STICK IT to the man!”.
Employee: “But sir, you are the man...”
Boss: “I know”

By  core01  |  30

My job conned me into doing my managers job for 6 months (plus mine) for no extra pay. After 6 months, I asked for a transfer to a different department. My manager wrote me up for insubordination. Hated that boss.

By  Truman Sharp  |  6

I worked for a year as a supervisor with all the extra responsibilities for no extra pay. Bullshitted me for months, first with a "probationary period", telling me I'll get "back pay" for the wait, telling me my raise should be "any time now", until I finally got fed up with it and quit. They owe me at least $1000 in back pay.