12 FMLs About The Kinds of Goals You Can Put on Your Vision Board For National Vision Board Day

By Nina / samedi 13 janvier 2018 10:00
Today is National Vision Board Day, a day to think ahead of what you want to achieve this year. To celebrate, we’re looking back at a few of the times people set their own goals, only to be met with an FML.

1. Relationship goals.

2. Fitness goals.

3. Weight loss goals.

4. Fatherhood goals.

5. Superhero goals.

6. Ejaculation goals.

By Anonymous - / Monday 3 June 2013 20:14 / Poland - Polska

7. New friend goals.

8. Toasty towel goals.

9. Career goals.

10. Will Ferrell goals.

By J-Ro / Thursday 4 March 2010 05:03 / United States

11. Honeymoon goals.

12. Fan goals.

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