10 Picture-Perfect FML Photos to Laugh At On World Photography Day

In honor of World Photography Day, we rifled through all the FML photo submissions and assembled this selection of the most hilarious ones we could find. Remember, if you snap something FML worthy, submit it on our site so the rest of us can laugh at it too!

1. Plan a head next time

2. Looks perfectly nice and peaceful

3. You must be really nervous about getting a good grade

4. We're don't know if it's the cat or their SO

5. We all feel like that, some of us are better at hiding it

6. Hey Freud!

7. Jealousy is such a lonely word

8. We'd still have eaten it

9. Dogs and phones never mix, they're always dialing the wrong number

10. That's a bit passive-agressive

Send us more FML Photos!

As soon as we've got more FMLs in that category, we'll make another compilation. So get snapping as soon as something goes wrong!

By Nina / Thursday 17 August 2017 17:43 /
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