By jeremiah / Sunday 6 November 2011 08:21 / Australia

Today, I was attending my bachelor party. I watched a very attractive young girl dancing on a pole, giving me a seductive look. As she walked up to me, I realized it was my soon-to-be wife's younger sister. FML

By wellthisisawkward80 / Sunday 6 November 2011 05:15 / United States
FML - The follow-up

Today, I scored the winning goal in my soccer tournament. For the other team. FML

XxFA1LxX Say more :
It was a deflection. It's not like I was stupid enough to purposely shoot on my own net.
By XxFA1LxX / Sunday 6 November 2011 05:14 / Canada
By Anonymous / Sunday 6 November 2011 00:04 / Reserved
FML - The follow-up

Today, I watched Change-Up with my dad. He made us leave half-way through the movie, because he thought I was too young to watch a movie this explicit. I'm 25. FML

mimiani Say more :
I am a woman and it was really awkward watching it with my dad.
By mimiani - / Saturday 5 November 2011 23:58 / Nigeria
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