By Anonymous / Thursday 24 November 2011 17:07 / United States

Today, while working at my local supermarket, a customer threw a turkey at me because we "should have bigger ones." FML

Justforlolz Say more :
That was painfully bad...
By Justforlolz / Thursday 24 November 2011 16:46 / United States
By xJade2012x / Thursday 24 November 2011 07:58 / United States

Today, my husband threw up in the shower after drinking almost a whole bottle of wine. The shower won't drain now. Happy Thanksgiving. FML

emilyta_fml Say more :
I don't drink much and he wanted to have drunk sex. Lol fail on him.
By emilyta / Thursday 24 November 2011 07:14 / United States
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