By queenbee12345678 / Sunday 19 February 2012 19:29 / United States

Today, I realized the $40 iPhone case I bought to keep my new phone from getting scratched, scratched my iPhone. FML

By LadyGore / Sunday 19 February 2012 15:30 / Canada

  Today, my boyfriend sang "happy birthday" to my vagina. It was my birthday last month and he forgot, but he remembered the date of the first time he went down on me. FML

By me / Sunday 19 February 2012 11:37 / Australia

Today, I was on the subway head bobbing to my favorite track when the guy across from me gets up, punches me in the face and says, "Don't nod at my wife like that." FML

By Anonymous / Sunday 19 February 2012 11:17 / United States
By meet Chloe / Sunday 19 February 2012 09:15 / Australia

Today, I got a reply to my Valentine's Day card that I sent to my girlfriend. I'll get the address right next time because her neighbor is really creeping me out now. FML

By Anonymous - / Friday 19 February 2010 08:25 / Australia
By CamoElla / Sunday 19 February 2012 05:49 / United States

Today, my boyfriend poked me on Facebook. I got excited because this is as close as he's come to touching me in weeks. FML

By Skullie / Sunday 19 February 2012 05:40 / United States
By snowinggrey / Sunday 19 February 2012 04:03 / United States
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